The Best Online Grocery Delivery Stores in Montreal

Top 10 Grocery Stores that Deliver in Montreal, Laval, and the surrounding areas

Grocery delivery is a god sent service for most people today. Sometimes we are busy and other times we just don’t feel like spending hours and hours in the supermarket picking the perfect cucumber. Add a pandemic to it and most people will agree that grocery delivery beats going to the grocery store any day - especially on weekends. 

There are so many grocery delivery services in the USA and elsewhere in Canada, but what’s surprising is that the majority don’t operate in Quebec.

This is where your local grocery delivery service swoops in to save the day.

How does grocery delivery work in Montreal?

Grocery delivery in Montreal is pretty simple. It all happens through the app or website of your chosen delivery service. Here are the general steps to follow in order to get groceries delivered to your door:

  1. Select the grocery store you want to order from
  2. Search for your favorite grocery items one by one
  3. Select a quantity and add them to your cart
  4. Once your order is complete, enter your address and complete the payment
  5. After payment confirmation, the store employees will start picking your order
  6. Your order will then be assembled and checked for accuracy
  7. Finally, the delivery service will come by the store to pick up your order and bring right to your doorstep
  8. You will normally receive email notifications of your order status all long this process

Which stores deliver groceries in Montreal?

There are several supermarkets that offer online grocery delivery in Montreal and around the greater Montreal area, but sometimes finding them online is not so easy.

Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular grocery stores that deliver in the Greater Montreal Area - including Laval, North Shore, and South Shore.

  • Mourelatos
  • Eden Market
  • Le Pro
  • Epicerie Mile-end
  • Raza Supermarket
  • Walmart
  • IGA
  • Costco
  • Provigo
  • Metro 

How much does it cost to have groceries delivered in Montreal?

Grocery delivery terms vary from store to store. There are many ways grocery stores use to sneak in additional delivery fees that can include a combination of the following:

  • Minimum order value (before taxes)
  • Assembly or picking fees
  • Delivery fees

Most grocery stores will combine one or more of these and add them to your bill.

Certain stores will require a minimum size order before they even deliver it to you while others will offer free delivery when orders are above a certain amount.

Cooldel offers free same-day delivery for all orders over $200! 

Beware of varying delivery fees that increase depending on location, order size or other conditions.

Same-day Grocery Delivery in Montreal and surrounding areas

There are not too many local stores that offer same-day delivery in the Montreal area. Most Montrealers are not even aware that this service exists here!

All of the major grocers only allow for scheduled delivery that needs to be booked a few days in advance. Most of us need our food TODAY!

Here are the best grocery stores that deliver all over Montreal the same day you place your order, as long as the order is placed before 4 pm.



Mourelatos has been a staple name in local Montreal groceries since 1956. If you have been in Montreal long enough, like me, you probably remember their very catchy radio jingle “when you shop Mourelatos... it’s a feeling…”

When it comes to groceries, Mourelatos is a trusted name in Quebec. They are your neighbourhood grocery store that offers freshness and quality at great prices. You can find everything from fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, baked goods, deli, and much more.

You can get same-day delivery on the entire Mourelatos inventory anywhere in Montreal and Laval through our website. Check out the extensive selection of groceries from Mourelatos here.

Get free delivery on orders over $200 or pay $9.49 for the convenience of same-day delivery for smaller orders.

Eden Market

Eden Market is located on Park Avenue near the heart of downtown Montreal. Since 1982, Eden has provided Montrealers with fresh, high-quality, organic produce. They also offer a large selection of groceries, snacks, and ready-to-eat foods for all tastes.

Eden Market stands out as one of the top grocers offering the experience of your small local shop with the convenience of being located in downtown Montreal.

They support local farmers from the region to help stimulate the local economy and provide the freshest produce and meats.

Here is what customers have to say about Marche Eden:

Shop all of the freshest food from Eden Market right here at Cooldel and have it delivered the same day for as little as $9.49 or free with orders over $200.

Le Pro

Le Pro is another Montreal favorite. Located on Villeray Street, Le Pro is known for its extraordinary quality food and amazing service. Their fruits, vegetables, and butcher are the customer’s favorites but they also offer much more.

With a huge variety of fresh products, Le Pro always focuses on customer satisfaction. You will not be disappointed with Le Pro.

Customers love Le Pro:

Get all of your groceries from Le Pro delivered anywhere in Montreal for FREE on orders over $200.

Épicerie Mile-End

Épicerie Mile-End feels like your neighbourhood mom-and-pop shop. They always carry a wide selection of fresh produce and they even have an outdoor display during the warmer months.

You can find everything you need in this cool and well-located grocery store. Spices, local produce, an olive bar, and much more.

Get your fresh groceries from Epicerie Mile-End delivered all over Montreal for only $9.49.

Raza Supermarket

Supermarche Raza is one of Montreal’s favorite local grocery stores. Located at the corner of Bélanger Street and Louis-Hébert Avenue in the east of Montreal, this family shop has been serving Montrealers for years. 

They stood out from the competition by only picking fresh, quality products. Here is what customers are saying.

They offer a wide selection of meats, fruits, vegetables that include organic and vegan products as well.

Get your food delivered the same day from Raza to your doorstep for only $9.49. 

Scheduled Grocery Delivery In The Greater Montreal Area

You can also have your grocery delivered at a later date from some of the major grocery chains in Montreal. The stores listed below all offer delivery that can be scheduled usually within a few days from ordering.

The fees and order minimums will vary from store to store. Read more below to get all of the details about each grocery store delivery and their policies.


Walmart offers grocery delivery in most areas in and around Montreal. You can order groceries through their website or app and then schedule a date for delivery. 

In most cases, you can get your groceries delivered within a few days but if they are busy it can take several days or more to find a time slot that works with your schedule.

Walmart grocery delivery costs $10 but that does not include non-grocery items. If you add a non-grocery item to your cart, it will not get delivered with your groceries and will be shipped to your home separately.


IGA also offers a grocery delivery service all over Quebec. IGA is one of the higher-end grocery stores in Montreal and their prices usually reflect the image they portray. 

IGA has a minimum order value of $45 and their delivery fees will vary dependent on the distance between your home and the closest store. Delivery fee can be expected to be around $10 and they also add a $4 fee for assembly of your order.


Provigo offers grocery delivery in some specific locations in Montreal. Their ordering system is not very simple and can take some time to master. When I entered my address (within the island of Montreal) they said they don’t yet deliver in my area.

Provigo outsources their grocery delivery and so their delivery costs are a combination of the delivery service plus their own charge that depends on your order size.

The delivery service charges 7.5% of the total cost of your order and Provigo themselves will charge you somewhere between $3.99 and $5.99 on top of it.


Metro is another large grocery chain in Quebec and they also offer grocery delivery all around Montreal.

Metro has an order minimum of $50, a delivery fee of $8, and an assembly fee of $4. They offer a 2-hour time slot between 8 am and 10 pm so you will have to be available during that time to receive your groceries at home.


Many people don’t know this but Costco also has a delivery service for select grocery items. The Costco delivery service is only available in a few select stores so make sure to check that the one closest to you offers grocery delivery.

Costco sets a minimum order value of $75 for free delivery, otherwise, they charge you $3 per item you choose.

One downside is that Costco’s delivery can take a few days so make sure you don’t need anything urgently when ordering from them.

Cooldel is a local Montreal business that has partnered with your favorite grocery stores to provide same-day grocery delivery of your favorite fresh, local food right to your door. 

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