Grocery Shopping, Remastered

Grocery shopping has always been a part of our routine and will always be. The products available in grocery stores are indeed essential for our needs, mostly because they are one of the main sources of our diet. Therefore, this type of business is far from being shut down since we always need something from grocery stores, whether it’s to buy a week worth of food or a simple pack of chewing gum.

By offering an online platform, Cooldel is extending the meaning of grocery shopping. We are aware that going to the grocery stores can be considered as an activity or a reason for people to get out of the house, but Cooldel isn’t taking that away. In fact, Cooldel's goal is not to eliminate the human side of grocery shopping, but rather to offer a convenient and stress-free alternative of grocery shopping. 

There are multiple reasons why people would be unable to go grocery shopping physically and Cooldel is here to fix this. For instance, some could be lacking time or others could simply feel like staying home and relax, and there is nothing wrong with that. Let’s not forget that this kind of platform can come in handy during times of pandemic, like the one we are experiencing at the moment. With that being said, this system was mainly established to empower local stores in Montreal and to offer a smooth and convenient grocery shopping experience to Montrealers.


Nadine Chedid