The difference we are making during the Covid-19 pandemic

At Cooldel, we offer you a germ-free and contact-less experience so you can enjoy your local grocery products safely.

During this pandemic, it is important to respect social distancing rules and practice good hygiene measures. Staying home is the easiest way to follow these two key instructions. However, it is not always possible to stay home. We have to go to the grocery store, wait in line and worry whether people are respecting social distancing rules.

Fortunately, Cooldel gives you a choice. The choice of staying home safely and having your groceries delivered quickly at your doorstep. Cooldel helps you save time while ensuring excellent hygiene measures against Covid-19. Let's all work together by staying home to flatten the curve!

With all that's going on, it is also very important to encourage our local economy. At Cooldel, empowering local merchants and buying local products is rooted in our values and it is something we promote. Cooldel itself is a Montreal based company, that aims to host multiple local stores to give them the chance to enter and compete on the online market.

By buying with Cooldel, you make a difference in the sustainability of these local businesses as well as the local economy.

Learn more about us or about the hygiene measures we are taking against Covid-19.