The Challenge of Grocery Shopping Using Public Transport


Getting to the grocery store, farmers market, or depanneur is a challenge for too many people across the city here in Montreal. Unsafe conditions for walking or biking, inaccessible public transit service, and lack of access to cars can make getting to healthy food stores dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive. The challenge is that there is inadequate public transportation to places selling nutritious foods like grocery stores. Transit agencies like the STM here in Montreal can play an important role in overcoming these challenges. 

For individuals that don’t own a car, the challenge of going outside the neighborhood or even within it, to go grocery shopping is often compounded by the lack of vehicle access.

Too often, public transportation routes fall short of meeting the needs of communities, requiring inconvenient transfers and connections and providing long routes and poor connectivity to the places that people need to gather their food from: grocery stores. 

And even then, imagine that we live in a perfect society where public transportation is well connected to every community and their grocery stores, it is still a big burden to carry all your groceries in the bus or metro… especially if it’s for a family…

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