Covid-19 Hygiene Measures

At Cooldel, we ensure that proper hygiene measures are taken to ensure a contact-less and germ-free experience.

First, we ensure orders are picked up in a contact-less manner. Upon delivery, our drivers place the parcel in front of the recipients door, rings, steps back and waits for someone to answer the door.

If the recipient answers, the driver requests the name of the client and notes it, no signature is required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If the recipient does not answer the door after a while, the driver leaves the parcel in a secured location and takes a photo of where the parcel was left, informing the client about it.

In some cases, the recipients can also leave a note on the door to state where to leave the parcel in order to guarantee a contact less and germ free experience.

We ensure drivers maintain an appropriate social distancing during and outside of the work. They are reminded to maintain a very high level of hygiene (washing hands often, using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves & mask, wiping their steering wheel, etc).